808 Pack Vol.1 & Sikk Free Sample Pack Vol.1



Total Files: 95

Clean 808 samples designed by the pros.

Looking to bang out some hard-hitting music without breaking a sweat? Sikk Sounds got you covered. With 100% Royalty-Free 808 beat packs, our sound packs will have your 808 beats and basslines bumping in no time. Designed for producers finishing up their new track, or just looking to craft something epic for the dance floor – these sounds are guaranteed to get people moving.
It’s a lot easier than it used to be to recreate legendary 808 beats and create new ones.
808 drum samples in all keys that work with all the digital audio workstations. And the best part is, it comes with a money-back guarantee.

What’s In The Pack


35 Unique 808 Packs Samples in All Keys Clean and Distorted Versions
Works with All DAWS 100% Money Back Guarantee Instant Download
Total Files: 35 Total Size: 29.8 MB

SIKK Free Sample Pack Vol. 1


Sikk Sounds Sample Packs · Free SiKK Sounds Sample Pack (Audio Demo)

Professional sound production for your next project

Kickstart your next music production with some of the newest and freshest as well as free drum loop samples on the market. The Free Music Sample Pack is a perfect example of our top-quality sounds, including melodic loops, drum loops, and composition loops that showcase diversity in any style of music.
Do you want a little something to make your productions jump from good to great? If yes, then this sample pack is perfect for you.! The free sample pack contains free drum loops and free music samples that will make composing or producing easy peasy. Get some quick inspiration at your fingertips with this freebie.

What’s In The Pack


25 composition/melodic loops (130, 140, 150 bpm) 5 drum loops (140 bpm) 5 drum loops (150 bpm)
Works with All DAWS 100% Money Back Guarantee Instant Download
Total Files: 60 Total Size: 116 MB

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is the process of acquiring the SiKK Free Sample Pack Vol. 1?
Ans) It’s free, you just have to download it.

Q) What is an 808 sample?
Ans) The Roland TR-808 drum machine is an iconic piece of equipment in the history of hip-hop and pop music. This breakthrough device was created by Ikutaro Kakehashiback in 1980 when it had a big influence on production styles due to its ability for tone modifications via programming. This is where the 808 sample origin comes from.

Q) What is the process of acquiring the 808 Sample Pack Vol. 1?
Ans) There will be an instant download right after you make the payment.

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