Beat Maker Pack Vol. 1





Produce professional-quality music with the best beat maker pack.

Whether you’re looking to create the perfect music from scratch, or are ready to take your music production skills up a notch, this will be the best beat maker for you.
You can create your own beats and melodies by combining drum loops, One shots kits, and Hi hat loops, the possibilities are endless with the Drum Beat maker.
If you are interested in rapping, you can also create a rap beat with the help of our rap beat maker.
Sikk Sounds provides the rap beat maker sample pack that allows you to record your own vocals as well as produce your own beat.
This package will shake up any dull or boring track, like a blender blending together delicious ingredients into an ice-cold smoothie. After using or drum beat maker, you will get the best combination of One Shots kits, Composition Loops, Drum Loops, and Hi hat Loops to take your sound production to the next level.

What’s In The Pack


37 Bass Loops 103 Composition Loops 39 Drum Loops
34 Hi-hat Loops 17 One Shots (5 hi-hats, 6 kicks, 6 snares) Works with All DAWS
100% Money Back Guarantee Instant Download Total Files: 230
Total Size: 678 MB


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a Beat Maker Pack
Ans) The Beat Maker Pack Vol.1 Is a pack that consists of everything a producer needs.

Q) What genre is the pack?
Ans) Genres of the most popular music.

Q) What D.A.W does this work with?
Ans) Any digital audio workstation.

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