MIDI Pack Vol.1



75x Midi Files


Midi Pack Vol.1


A Midi Pack To Help You Produce Your Next Hit”


This 100% royalty-free and original SIKK MIDI Pack Vol. 1 includes 75 files with premium quality leads, chords, baselines, and melodies. You can instantly download this 24.4 Kb MIDI Pack after purchase. This MIDI pack includes all the basslines, beats, loops, and melodies you need to make high-quality and professional music. You can now put chords and melodies together to create lush harmonies in your music with the help of this MIDI melody pack. The perfect MIDI pack to produce a variety of high-quality and comprehensive tracks. This MIDI melody pack can create professional soundscapes by stacking scale tones and loops with ideal synth progressions.

This MIDI packs contains the perfect samples designed and analyzed by our professionals to synchronize with your tracks and create beautiful atmospheric orchestrations ideally. It includes an array of chords and melodies that can perfectly match any music genre. With this pack, you can now stop searching for quality beats and loops for your music — you can achieve what you have always desired for your music career.

This MIDI melody pack has minimal cost so that you can create professional-quality music without breaking the bank. This midi chords pack can add extra vitality to turn up the reverb in your track and add some delayed feedback to your synth, leading to enhancing the harmony of your music. You can fatten up your synth leads and create ambient atmospheric orchestrations in your track to stand out in the music industry and make vibey music. This pack contains tempo levels that cater to the most common BPM ranges to produce any kind of music. You can make your hip-hop records unique thanks to this masterpiece! Hurry up and get this MIDI chords pack for a very affordable price now!

What’s In The Pack


Total Size: 24.4 kb Leads, Chords Baselines, and Melodies Instant Download
100% Royalty Free Works With All DAWS Total Amount of Files: 75



Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a MIDI Pack?
Ans) MIDI pack is a compilation of various loops and beats of MIDI segments that can be used on digital instruments to produce music easily in a short period of time.

Q) Can this MIDI pack run on any audio workstation?
Ans) Yes! This MIDI Pack can be easily downloaded after purchase and used on any Digital Audio Workstation.

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