Quick Loop Pack Vol.1 & Quick Loop Pack Vol.2



Total Files: 271


Sikk Sounds Bundle Pack


Quick Loop Pack Vol. 1


Essentially a suitable fit for both novices and experts, SikkSounds’ Bundle Pack encompasses not one but two stunning sample packs for passionate music-makers. Consisting of an array of unforgettable loops, the bundle ensures that you tackle music production with an amalgamation of the utmost efficacy and convenience. To be more precise, the specific constituents are as follows.

Including the likes of bass loops, composition loops, and drum loops, SikkSounds’ Sample Pack Vol. 1 provides a plethora of options for artists to unleash their creative imagination! Inherently applicable to any genre, this pack catalyzes the process of music-making and allows you to maximize your potential on any digital audio workstation profoundly.

What’s In The Pack


10 bass loops 20 drum loops 20 composition/melodic loops
Total Size: 275 MB 10 bonus loops Works with All DAWS
100% Money Back Guarantee Instant Download Total Files: 94

Quick Loop Pack Vol. 2

Incorporating an assortment of hi-hats, funky loops, and intriguing one-shots, SikkSounds’ Sample Pack Vol. 2 provides a fresh collection of sounds for all taste palettes! Whether you’re aiming to enter the realm of hip hop or dive into one of the various other music genres, our comprehensive pack’s pompous loops and moody auras efficaciously allow you to stand out from a vast pool of competitors and guarantee industry success.

What’s In The Pack


Total Size: 298 MB Total Files: 177 Instant Download
100% Money Back Guarantee 17x Hi-hats 70x One Shots
57x Composition Loops 33x Drum Loops


Carefully curated by professionals for our beloved customers, this original and 100% royalty-free bundle pack promises to assist you in all of your music-oriented endeavors energetically! We believe in hassle-free, honest commitment—which is why you’ll receive an instant download upon successfully making the payment as well as a money-back guarantee. Add that special pizzazz to your track—and watch as millions turn to look at you for inspiration!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q) Will this work with any D.A.W?
Ans) Yes This works with any D.A.W just drag & drop in your software.

Q) What is a loop sample pack?
Ans) A loop is a composition that can be ordered and seamlessly repeated to create the desired pattern. A loop sample pack contains various music loops.

Q) What is the process of acquiring the Quick Loop Sample Pack?
Ans) You’ll get your instant download right after you make the payment.

Q) What is a Quick Loop pack?
Ans) The Quick Loop Pack is a mini producer pack that consists of everything a producer needs.

Q) What genre is the pack?
Ans) Genres of the most popular music..

Q) What D.A.W does this work with?
Ans) Any Digital audio workstation.

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