SiKK Serum Vol.1



45x Serum Presets


Preset Pack With Advanced Serum Pads and Basses! 

Stand out from the competition in the music industry with this serum music pack. Our professionals have specially designed this serum preset pack for you to make premium quality music at a very affordable price. This Serum Pack has a variety of sound modules and virtual synths. This Serum Music pack is original, and you can instantly download it after purchase. You can create advanced serum pads, leads, chords, and bases to take your music to the next level. You can use this serum preset pack to create multiple tones with various light, and heavy presets present in this pack. You can now make it in the music industry and draw a lot of listeners in by creating high-quality music with this Serum Pack. This sample Pack caters to the most common BPM ranges. With the help of this pack, you can make beats for any music genre and get a unique groove in your music.

This serum music pack has been thoroughly analyzed by our professionals to ensure that the presets are of the highest quality, so you can get the best serum presets and create the serum music you’ve always desired. With this serum preset pack, you can compose professional-level music without spending much money. You can produce dynamic polyphonic synths to improve the harmony of your tracks and compose music that suits your tastes by using a variety of best serum presets present in this pack. With this pack, you can now create some fresh vibes and build soundscapes of your taste. This serum music pack includes a variety of flexible chords and leads that you can use to craft music in any genre. This serum preset pack can work with all DAWs.

You can now produce professional music without spending a lot of money. With this serum pack, you can achieve your goals in the music industry with minimal effort and hassle. Buy this pack right now at a very low price and produce premium quality music!

What’s In The Pack


45 Serum Presets

Total Size: 15.5 MB Works with All DAWS
100% Money Back Guarantee Instant Download


Expertly designed serum presets for your modern-day producer.
Each serum preset was designed for easy drag and drop use. You can stick with the preset or you can change it up. You can preview every preset instantly while seamlessly going through endless ideas. Take advantage of each preset by going through the effects, macros and LFO.
Our goal is not to give you a complete idea that is difficult to transition. Our goal is to give you a solid starting point to endless creation.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a Serum Pack?
Ans) Serum is a virtual software synthesizer for producing music. You can create music with the present synths in this serum pack.

Q) Is this Serum Pack royalty-free?
Ans) This Sikk Serum Pack vol.1 is 100% royalty-free. All you need to do is just make a one-time purchase, and then you can use it countless times in any production.
Q) Can i drag & drop midi Files into Xfer Serum?
Ans) Yes you can.

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