Snare Pack Vol.1



Total Files: 100


A professional snare drum sample for all your music production needs.

The Snare Drum Sample Pack contains professionally crafted snare drum samples that you can use for music production. The pack includes Wet and Dry versions, Heavy snares, Light snares, and Bonus Snares for a variety of purposes.
Snares are essential to some of the most iconic sounds in dance music, hip-hop, and other genres. This drum sample pack is a must-have for any drummer or producer who needs a snares collection(heavy snares or light snares) or to take their beats to the next level!
Professionally built drum loop samples consisting of heavy snares and light snares so you produce the best combination of sound.

What’s In The Pack


Total Size: 35.9 MB Total Files: 30 Instant Download
100% Money Back Guarantee Works with All DAWS Wet & Dry Versions
Heavy, Light & Bonus Snares 30 Unique Snare Drum Samples



Free Sample Pack Vol. 2



Take your music production to a whole new level with Sikk Free Sample Pack Vol 2

Sikk Free Sample Pack Vol. 2 has all you need to get started with music production. With 70 different files, this pack includes bass loops, vocal loops, one shots, and composition loops that you can cut up and use in your own productions!
Amplify your production with Sikk Free Sample Pack Vol 2. This sample pack is perfect for any producer looking to explore new sounds and experiment while still maintaining that professional touch. All the files are polished, crisp, and full of life vibration. Downloading this pack will turn you into a superstar music producer! And most of all it’s free, so download now!

What’s In The Pack


Total Size: 169 MB Total Files: 70 Instant Download
8x Bass Loops 5 Vocal Loops 17x One Shots
40x Composition Loops


Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is a snare drum?
Ans) A snare drum is a piece of equipment used by drummers in orchestras and bands.

Q) What is a snare sample pack?
Ans) The snare drum is made from metal wires and a skin that creates an iconic sound. It’s often used in marching bands, but can also be heard in rock music or other genres of popular music such as jazz or funk.
A collection of snare sounds is known as a snare sample pack.

Q) What is the process of acquiring the Snare Sample Pack Vol.1?
Ans) You’ll get your instant download right after you pay for the snare sample.

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