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Immerse yourself in the music of a bygone period when it resounded through fields and grand halls. Enter a world reminiscent of that depicted in the HBO series “Game of Thrones,” where medieval splendor and drama reign supreme. 

You can bring the spirit of the program right into your DAW with the Game of Kings Bundle Pack.

Unveil the Drama: Game of Kings Collection

Dive deep into the MIDI magic of Game of Kings Vol.1, Vol.2, and Vol.3 and their accompanying sample packs. 

The dramatic orchestral loops and melodies in these packs can give your music the same sense of scale and splendour as the show’s most influential scenes.

Key Features: Timeless Grandeur 

Game of Kings Bundle Pack embodies the spirit of medieval magic and includes 548 files, many of which also have MIDI counterparts. 

It’s a 1.20 GB treasure mine of cinematic soundscapes waiting to be used to realize your musical fantasies.

Compose Your Masterpiece: Game of Thrones Style

To become the following prominent film composer, you need this sample collection. 

Create an atmosphere with exciting orchestral swells, let loose the drama with heartfelt melodies, and take your audience entirely elsewhere.

Seamless Integration: Your Creative Realm

Use the Game of Kings Bundle Pack to enhance your music. 

This pack will turn your digital audio workstation into a canvas for musical storytelling, whether you’re sketching a massive narrative or weaving subtle emotion.

Craft Your Legacy: The Game of Kings Collection

Get in touch with your inner composer and create works of music that will last forever. Let your imagination go wild, conjure old stories, and watch the action unfold.

The Best High-Quality Orchestral Samples await your touch.

Begin Your Musical Odyssey

Enter an underground realm of beautiful compositions and enduring anthems. Now is your chance to take center stage and write music that will live on forever. 

Use the Game of Kings Bundle Pack as a starting point for your composing adventure now.

What Artists Say About Us

  • Cinematic Visionary – Film Score Composer:

“Crafting cinematic scores is my passion. The Game of Kings Collection became my sonic arsenal, adding layers of depth and emotion to my soundtracks that captivate the audience’s hearts.”

  • Medieval Melodist – Music Producer:

“From delicate medieval ballads to epic battle anthems, the Game of Kings Collection offers an unparalleled range of sounds. It’s my toolkit for conjuring musical landscapes that transport listeners to ages past.”

  • Sculptor of Atmospheres – Sound Designer:

“The intricate details in the Game of Kings Collection are astounding. With each string and brass section, I shape atmospheres that immerse the audience in the world of my compositions.”


  • Can I use these samples beyond orchestral music?

Indeed, while designed for orchestral compositions, these samples can elevate a wide range of genres with their cinematic touch.

  • Is this suitable for beginners?

Indeed, the Game of Kings Collection empowers seasoned composers and beginners, fostering creative exploration and musical growth.

  • Can I customize the MIDI files?

MIDI files offer flexibility to tweak melodies and arrangements, making them uniquely yours within your chosen DAW.

  • Can I use these samples for live performances?

The Game of Kings Collection is perfect for enriching live performances with cinematic and medieval flavor.

  • Is customer support available?

Our dedicated support team is absolutely ready to assist with any queries or issues you might encounter. Contact us for prompt assistance.

Drag & Drop Royalty Free Samples


4 exclusive sample packs ( Limited Time Offer ).

SiKKSounds Dubstep Sample Pack Vol.1
Value: $50.00

Game of Kings Vol. 1 Sample Pack, a majestic collection that transports you to a world of regal intrigue and epic battles. Inspired by “HBO Game of Thrones”.

SiKKSounds Dubstep One Shot Pack Vol.1
Value: $50.00

The highly anticipated Game of Kings Vol. 2 Sample Pack.
Where royalty meets fantasy in an epic musical journey
Inspired by “HBO Game of Thrones”.

SiKKSounds Dubstep One Shot Pack Vol.2
Value: $50.00

Game of Kings Vol. 3 Sample Pack, the ultimate arsenal for creating majestic and immersive musical landscapes.
Inspired by “HBO Game of Thrones”.

SiKKSounds Piano Loops Vol.1
Value: $50.00

Experience the ultimate musical toolkit with the Game of Kings MIDI Collection. Featuring volumes 1 through 3 in one epic bundle.

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