Sikk Sounds Productions, LLC

Sikksounds Productions, LLC launched back in 2019 since then we have grown and we built a strong devoted team to help you create industry standard music. Our engineers and producers work side by side around the clock to help you achieve the audio outcome you want at a professional level. Leave it to the pros to mix and or master your song. Professionals understand the different techniques that are needed to be applied to your mix and master. Methods like Leveling, Equalization, Dynamics, Phase, Compression, Limiting and stereo enhancement are what we know best. Our Mastering engineers are certified in the latest mastering techniques such as Apple Digital Masters.

We all want to be satisfied with what we create and confident when we release it. By choosing the original Sikksounds productions, LLC

You grant us permission to take the weight and stress of your mind when it comes to producing and releasing music.

Thank you for checking us out.

“The Original Sikksounds Platform ”

Sikksounds Productions, LLC based in Pennsylvania USA