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Sikk Sounds is a focused sound design team that started back in 2019. After using the knowledge and skills from attending Montgomery County’s Audio engineering program SRT (Sound Recording & Technology). Sikk Sounds works diligently to craft the samples that will give you the most inspiration in your production. With a simple drum loop or piano loop you can create a masterpiece in seconds with our latest sample packs. In each pack you will find that every sample pack is different.

We welcome diversity! So each sample pack will have a little bit of every genre.

Each pack was created to sound different, but similar to what we’ve all heard in modern music. The feeling of gaming, streaming, music, movies, school, sports and moments in life play a huge part in how we create every pack. I hope these packs give you the desire to create your own original material. All the sounds in our packs are completely royalty free. You may use this for literally anything. You won’t find these specific sounds and samples anywhere else. Each pack is unique in its own way. You and your imagination can explore endless possibilities with sound to help you create your idea.

When it comes to music production or podcasting you need loops, chords, or composition loops for different genres of sounds. With streaming you need royalty free music. With movie production you need tension; you need string choirs, you need that cinematic feeling. Downloading our sample packs will allow you to create anything, even a masterpiece to show your family, friends and the world your talent.

We promise inspiration with every download.


My name is Martin Elliott.

I am the founder of Sikksounds.com and am very excited to be able to help you create music with our Sikksounds Producer Packs.

I am 28 years old and have a passion for music. My father is a very talented pianist who inspired me to follow my dreams. I have been around the music scene since my early teens when I fell in love with the intersection of music and technology. I attended the SRT (Sound Recording & Technology ) program at Montgomery County Community College. After attending that advanced course, I realized that I could offer to other musicians the tips and tricks to help you along with your creation.  Can’t wait to hear what we create together!

Hi there my name is Jacob Malz,

I am a 27 year old producer from Pennsylvania.

I have 12 years experience in the audio recording industry and possess 5 years experience in the video and editing field. The two people who inspired me are my uncle and father. They showed me the art of music and by doing so led me to follow my dreams. So It is my pleasure as CEO of sikksounds.com to welcome you to the family and thank you ahead of time for your support.