Enter the Enchanted Realm with Sikk Sounds Game of Kings Vol.1


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Use this fantastic sample set to let your imagination run wild in the domain of kings, queens, and fabled battles. 

Our talented sound designers and composers have worked together to create “Game of Kings Vol. 1,” a compilation that brilliantly reflects the spirit and majesty of the groundbreaking Game of Thrones television series. 

This collection weaves sounds that transport you to the complex world of Westeros and beyond, from soaring orchestral arrangements to haunting choirs, ambient textures, and booming battle drums. 

Create musical anthems worthy of the Iron Throne and set out on a musical crusade.

A Majestic Collection Inspired by Game of Thrones

Discover a world of cinematic magnificence as “Game of Kings Vol. 1” unveils a beautiful collection of 50 samples based on the compelling world of the award-winning Game of Thrones series. 

Each excerpt exemplifies the hard work of our team and captures the show’s sense of drama, power, and fantasy.

Comprehensive Selection of Elements

Sikk Sounds Game of Kings Vol.1 has a wealth of musical resources. 

There are ten captivating ambiance samples, 30 cinematic loops that evoke broad emotions, and ten powerful drum loops that mimic the heartbeat of epic conflicts, all contained within the 50 precisely constructed files. 

Everything has been carefully considered so that you can make music that fits well with the epic story of legends.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

Sikk Sounds Game of Kings Vol.1 is 599 MB in size and was made to fit right into your creative workflow. The samples were carefully constructed to guarantee high quality and adaptability. 

Industry-standard formats ensure trouble-free compatibility with Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, and any other popular DAW.

Elevate Your Production Quality

Our production quality is unmatched by other companies. Each sample and loop in Games of Kings Sample Pack collection was meticulously created using state-of-the-art tools and procedures. 

This guarantees the most excellent possible production quality. Your dedication to quality will allow you to compose music with a dramatic, cinematic tone.

Empowering Artistic Freedom

Your creative process is admired and respected. Sikk Sounds Game of Kings Vol.1 gives you complete independence in songwriting, monetization, and distribution. 

There are no hidden fees or royalties when using these 50 samples in your commercial products.

What Artists Say About Us

  • Aria Legends – Sound Designer:“As a sound designer, authenticity is paramount. The meticulously crafted choirs and FX samples in Game of Kings Vol.1 have elevated my projects, injecting them with a sense of mystique and grandeur that’s hard to find elsewhere.”
  • Lunar Serenade – Music Producer: “The depth and realism of Sikk Sounds’ samples in Game of Kings Vol.1 are astounding. The drum loops and atmospheric textures have become integral in my productions, adding the epic scope and emotional resonance I’ve always sought.”


  • What is “Game of Kings Vol.1”?

It’s a sample pack inspired by Game of Thrones, offering 50 meticulously crafted cinematic samples for epic compositions.

  • What’s Included in the Pack?

The pack features ten ambiance samples, 30 cinematic loops, and ten powerful drum loops, all capturing the essence of grandeur.

  • Are These Samples Royalty-Free?

Yes, the samples are 100% royalty-free, allowing you to use them in commercial projects without extra costs.

  • Can I Use the Samples in Film Scores?

The pack is perfect for crafting film scores, evoking the drama and emotion of mythical battles.

  • Is This Pack Suitable for Electronic Music?

Indeed, the cinematic loops and atmospheric textures can enhance electronic tracks with a grand and majestic quality.

Drag & Drop Royalty Free Samples

Create the music you want with this exclusive cinematic library. Available only at sikksounds.com.

This cinematic library focuses on its sound quality, versatility, seamless integration, and royalty free nature. We understand the importance of a smooth workflow. That’s why the SikkSounds game of kings sample pack library seamlessly integrates with your favorite digital audio workstation DAW. Our samples come in industry standard formats, ensuring hassle free compatibility. Whether you use Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or any other popular DAW, integrating our sample pack into your production process is a breeze. SikkSounds empowers you to explore your creative boundaries. With the help of this cinematic sample pack you will have endless possibilities. Industry Standard Production Value. We know that professional grade production is paramount to your success. Our samples and loops are crafted using cutting edge equipment and techniques, ensuring that you achieve the highest level of production quality in your tracks. We believe in supporting your artistic journey without limitation.

Your artistic freedom is of utmost importance to us. With the SikkSounds Game of kings sample pack, you have the freedom to create, monetize, and distribute your music without any worries. All 50 samples are 100% royalty free. This means you can use them in your commercial releases without limitations or additional costs. These samples are perfect for you production needs. Downloaded today to get instant access.

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