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Top Digital Audio Workstations for PC and Mac

Are you searching for the best sample music production software? We’re here to help. Let us help you find the best DAW software and turn your musical dreams into reality.

We’ve Created A Guide Featuring The Very Best Digital Audio Workstations

If you’re familiar with the exhilarating, extensive music-making process, it is no secret that a digital audio workstation (DAW) serves as a necessary implement. Possessing the power to metamorphose your music in exciting ways, a good DAW remains at the very heart of compelling music production. To witness remarkable results, you must choose a DAW that accompanies you every step of the way and suits your desires and preferences. With such a vast array of options on the market today, it can be rather challenging to select the right one for you — which is why we’ve created a guide featuring the best digital audio workstations.

Whether you are a beginner looking for a simple, easy-to-use workstation or an experienced musician seeking the most advanced music recording software you can find, our comprehensive list features something for everyone. To create sound packs that stay true to your innermost desires and inspire you to keep making more, it is significant for you to take your time and browse, consider, and weigh your options. 

You can rest assured that the perfect digital audio workstation is one click away — and we are here to help you find it. 

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What Is A DAW?

A digital audio workstation (DAW) is music production software that records audio on a computer. Operating on Mac and Windows paves the way for productive recording, editing, mixing and mastering. Adored by a plethora of professionals globally, these workstations revolutionize the process of music production and enable creativity like never before

  • Ableton Live

Ableton Live is a beautiful choice for all ambitious musicians, leaving an everlasting footprint on the audio recording software market! Launched in 2001, Live transfigured the world of digital audio workstations and bid goodbye to traditional designs, opting to become an instrument. Since its release, it has immensely grown in popularity and influenced millions of consumers and other app developers — for a good reason!

The DAW’s cutting-edge technology, streamlined workflow, and supportive features, like the elegant comping system, make it an excellent choice for professional music creators.

Launch Price: From $99

Versions: Intro, Standard, Suite

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • Image-Line FL Studio

Serving as the salient pick for a whole generation of producers, the Image-Line FL Studio holds immense popularity in hip-hop and EDM. Providing users with an eternity of free upgrades, this beat-making software is ideal for creative individuals searching for fascinating features. The latest update bestows users a faster, more precise feature and assists in smoothly and seamlessly creating social media-oriented content.

Launch Price: From $99

Versions: Fruity, Producer, Signature, All Plugins, Bundle

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • Apple Logic Pro

Released by globally renowned technological powerhouse Apple, the Apple Logic Pro’s tried-and-tested formula makes it an excellent option for copious musicians! Inherently containing an excellent value for money and a profusion of helpful content, Mac’s recording software features step sequencers and overhauled samplers. The array of modernized music production tools in the Apple Logic Pro makes it a fabulous option for Mac users.

Launch Price: $200/£200/€230

Versions: Standard

Compatibility: Mac

  • Steinberg Cubase

Making its mark in music production software for over an astonishing 30 years, Steinberg Cubase is another excellent digital audio workstation for music creators. Renowned for introducing users to the famous block-based arranged screen and inaugurating WaveLab and virtual studio technology, Steinberg Cubase remains a front-runner to this day. Its history, perpetual innovation, and user-friendly functionality make it a fantastic option.

Launch Price: From $100

Versions: Elements, Artist, Pro

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • PreSonus Studio One

Gaining admirable popularity in recent years, PreSonus Studio One unwaveringly demonstrates immense maturity and stability. Studio One’s plethora of features is a testament to its fame, containing a developed score editor and Clip Gain envelopes with surgical volume automation. Ultimately, it remains an ideal choice for those seeking a smooth workflow and a responsive interface.

Launch Price: From $100

Versions: Prime (free), Artist, Professional

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • Cockos Reaper 6

Yet another phenomenal choice for those searching for music production software is the Cockos Reaper 6. The cross-platform DAW simultaneously provides excellent value for money by offering complex MIDI and audio routing capabilities. Highly customizable and incredibly responsive, the Reaper 6 regularly incorporates subtle changes in its versions and establishes a musical environment you won’t forget. 

Launch Price: From $60

Versions: Standard

Compatibility: PC/Mac/Linux

  • Reason Studios Reason

Highly attractive and fond of state-of-the-art development, Reason Studios Reason is another brilliant pick for those needing a DAW. Latterly, Reason Studios ‘ introduction of stock instruments and a novel MIDI device have paved the way for excellence and solidified its prominence in the musical world. Known for its distinct rack-based workflow, this music software remains a flexible, professional, and desirable option.

Launch Price: From $99

Versions: Intro, Standard, Suite

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • Bitwig Studio

Though relatively new in digital audio workstations, Bitwig Studio has yet to establish its market position. Offering a profusion of features and recently introducing comping, the software’s progressive, innovation-oriented mindset has contributed to its impressive reputation. Today, it remains a beautiful choice for those searching for a built-in modular environment.

Launch Price: From $99

Versions: 16-track, Standard

Compatibility: PC/Mac/Linux

  • Apple GarageBand

Yet another marvelous alternative by Apple is the globally recognized GarageBand. Ideal for those searching for a user-friendly introduction to the complexities of the music-making world, this free music recording software is undoubtedly an excellent apparatus for beginners. That is not to say that the popular software lacks advanced features. The DAW includes an abundance of software instruments and multitrack recording functionality, thus making it a sublime option for Mac users.

Launch Price: Free

Compatibility: PC/Mac

  • Acoustica Mixcraft

Commonly regarded as GarageBand’s rival and the best DAW for Windows, Acoustica Mixcraft has successfully established its name in today’s musical marketplace. Possessing features that are typically found in more expensive recording studio software, Acoustica Mixcraft contains a sleek interface and various automation features. If you’re seeking an easily approachable, accessible DAW with a fluid workflow, this recording software for Windows is undoubtedly the right fit for you.

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