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Your Complete Guide to Producing Trap Music

Since its origins in the 1990s, trap music has rapidly grown in popularity and has dominated the music industry. Not only has trap music taken over the music industry so swiftly because of its dynamic music content, but its simplicity of production has also contributed to the trap’s success and popularity. New producers benefit the most from it because making trap music is simple and does not require a fortune to spend. Trap tracks can be quickly composed using a DAW, and all the essential gear needed to produce trap songs is readily available.

 However, it can be tricky for new producers to produce good quality tracks even with the right equipment. Starting music production requires a decent understanding of the production procedure. But you can now stop worrying about crafting quality trap songs. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the procedure of composing trap music, and you will also learn some epic tips and tricks essential for a successful trap production career.

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Making The Trap Beat

A trap beat is the fundamental pillar of an EDM trap that provides a basic pattern for the trap song to follow and controls its pace. Good trap beats are essential to make your songs sound more professional and unique. You can produce industry-standard trap music with the help of quality kicks and energetic future bass in your beats.

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Setting a Tempo

The first step in making a vibey beat is to select a good pulse or tempo for your music. Trap songs usually have a BPM range of 140-170 BPM, but some trap songs go way higher, around 190 BPM. The best trap songs that are constantly enticing to listen to have a faster pace, and trap beats with higher tempos sound more vibey and enjoyable, so it is best to go with a BPM around 145-160. Fast tempos are also suitable for making dance music, and you can make your tracks more vibey using a good tempo in your trap beats. 

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Making a Trap Melody

It is not just a strong bass and heavy drums that make your traps sound energetic, but a good melody can also give a fascinating touch to your music. A good melody will perfectly layer your drum patterns, and you can create a unique tone and atmosphere in your trap music with a lively melody. You can compose a good melody using the Synthwave Sample Pack and create harmonic variations that match your trap’s chord progressions. You can also use good chords, harmonies, and melodies from a music sample to compose a good melody.

Adding Snares and Claps to the Beat

New trap music tracks are often layered with samples, and the textured effect in trap songs due to the layering of samples and hi-hats is very trendy in the industry. Good snare and claps will smoothly follow the beat, and you can layer your snares with claps and other percussions to get that perfect groove. EDM trap has snares on the third beat, and you can use good snares from a sample pack to make your beats more hard-hitting and groovy. You can layer your snares with more samples and percussions to substantially affect your track.

Trap Chord Progressions

Trap songs are so popular because the quick transition of emotional vibes and chord progressions are lively and energetic, and these chords feel like a powerful version of hip-hop and dubstep. The fast tempo, unique chord progressions, and harmony drives give a moody touch to trap tracks. You should find good chords and melodies to make your trap songs more hard-hitting and powerful. The transitions between major and minor chords should be smooth and constant. You can use major and minor key shifts like dance music transitions to make your chord progressions more energetic.

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In chord progressions, the primary focus should be on creating an energetic and thrilling ambiance, which will be easy if you use good transitions between major and minor keys. Change major and minor chords exotically to make the chord progressions more lively and fascinating. Layer your baselines using good chords and melodic samples.

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Choosing a Good 808 Sample

You can make your EDM trap stand out by using a good 808 sample. The 808s have dominated the industry, and not only trap but Dubstep, Hip-hop, and dance music all use 808s, and it is tough to find tracks that do not have 808s from a Roland TR-808 drum machine. Again, layering multiple samples will help you to get a strong bass. Use kicks from different samples to layer your 808 and make your beats vibe and energetic. EQ your 808 and cut unwanted frequencies to eliminate muddy and shallow effects in the beat. 

 Use the right pitch and volume and add distortion effects to your 808s. You can distort your 808s to create the textures and loud effects, and your trap tracks will have the same energetic vibe on small speakers, and you can get that aggressive and loud future bass even on phones and laptops. 

 Use Vocals and FX

You can produce energetic trap bangers with the help of good FX and vocal samples. A good FX will create a pleasing background effect and enhance the intensity of your EDM trap. Vocal samples are also perfect for layering beats, and you can create unique grooves in your tracks with sound sample effects.

 Keep practicing and learning mixing and mastering techniques to improve the quality of your tracks. By learning to master your music, you can remove minor flaws and unwanted sounds. You can make high-quality trap songs by following these simple tips.

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