Elevate Your EDM Productions with Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol.2


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Sikk Sounds is proud to present the second installment of their electric EDM Sample Pack, a collection of 110 expertly made samples meant to take your EDM creations to the next level. 

Plunge into the heart of the next big thing in electronic music, complete with throbbing rhythms, alluring melodies, and exhilarating soundscapes. 

Producers that want to rule the EDM scene with unmatched vigour and originality need to look no further than this sample collection.

Crafting the Sonic Landscape

Enter a world of exquisite sound quality and smooth integration with your choice digital audio workstation (DAW) with the 110 samples in Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol.2.

This toolbox is the best companion for any electronic music producer, whether professional or just starting.

A Versatile Arsenal of Elements

This set covers you from start to finish, with 45 loops, ten dynamic drum loops, ten finely-tuned one-shots, and 45 MIDI files. 

The carefully constructed Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol.2 will be the backbone of your rhythm section. At the same time, the enticing melodies and adaptable soundscapes will provide you with a wealth of options for creating your unique sound.

Seamless Integration and Industry Standards

Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol.2 highlights sound quality, flexibility, smooth integration, and the absence of royalties. 

The samples are formatted by industry standards, guaranteeing a streamlined workflow with any production environment, from Ableton Live to FL Studio to Logic Pro.

Empower Your Creative Boundaries

The EDM Sample Pack library lets your imagination run wild and explore new musical territory. We believe in unrestrictedly backing your creative efforts so that you can make actual music to your style and vision.

Professional-Grade Production and Artistic Freedom

Sikk Sounds knows that high-quality production is crucial to your business’s growth. Our samples and loops have been carefully prepared to utilize state-of-the-art tools and procedures to guarantee that your tracks sound incredible.

Seize Your Artistic Freedom

You have complete control over using the Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol. 2 library to make, sell, and share your music. No hidden fees or other costs are associated with using any of the 110 included samples in your commercial releases.

Unveil a New Sonic Dimension

Sikk Sounds EDM Sample Pack Vol.2 will help you realize the full potential of your electronic dance music compositions. You can help determine the future of electronic music by downloading this bundle right now.

What Artists Say About Us

  • Electro Dreams – Music Producer:“Sikk Sounds consistently delivers quality, and EDM Sample Pack Vol.2 is no exception. The meticulous design of the samples and loops speaks volumes about their dedication to helping producers shape their sonic visions.”
  • Vibrant Vibe – DJ and Remixer: “I’ve been remixing tracks for years, and Sikk Sounds’ EDM Sample Pack Vol.2 is a goldmine. The diverse loops and MIDI files have rejuvenated my remixing process, allowing me to experiment and create fresh interpretations.”


  • Are Drum Samples Included?

The meticulously crafted drum samples provide a solid foundation for your rhythm section.

  • Can I Customize the Loops and MIDI Files?

Indeed, the loops and MIDI files are customizable, allowing you to shape them according to your creative vision.

  • Is Technical Support Available?

We offer customer support to assist with any inquiries or concerns you may have.

  • How Can I Access the Pack?

Begin your journey by downloading the EDM Sample Pack Vol.2, unlocking a world of electrifying possibilities for your music.

  • What’s Included in the Pack?

The pack contains 45 loops, ten drum loops, ten one-shots, and 45 MIDI files for versatile creativity.

Drag & Drop Royalty Free Samples

Create the music you want with this exclusive EDM Sample Pack library. Available only at sikksounds.com

This EDM Sample Pack library focuses on its sound quality, versatility, seamless integration, and royalty free nature. We understand the importance of a smooth workflow. That’s why the SikkSounds EDM Sample Pack library seamlessly integrates with your favorite digital audio workstation DAW. Our samples come in industry standard formats, ensuring hassle free compatibility. Whether you use Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or any other popular DAW, integrating our sample pack into your production process is a breeze. SikkSounds empowers you to explore your creative boundaries. With the help of the EDM Sample Pack library you will have endless possibilities. Industry Standard Production Value. We know that professional grade production is paramount to your success. Our samples and loops are crafted using cutting edge equipment and techniques, ensuring that you achieve the highest level of production quality in your tracks. We believe in supporting your artistic journey without limitation.

Your artistic freedom is of utmost importance to us. With the SikkSounds EDM Sample Pack library, you have the freedom to create, monetize, and distribute your music without any worries. All 110 samples are 100% royalty free. This means you can use them in your commercial releases without limitations or additional costs. These samples are perfect for you production needs. Downloaded today to get instant access.

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