Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2: Ignite Your Music with Electrifying Sounds


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Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 is here for you to reach new heights in your music production. Our serum preset bundle is a masterwork of sound design and engineering, and it’s available to you for free. 

Industry experts developed each preset to work well with the famous Xfer Serum synthesizer. 

This all-inclusive kit gives you access to many futuristic sounds explicitly designed for the slap house genre, making music a thrilling adventure.

Empowering Your Creative Journey

Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 is the key to unlocking your creative potential. 

Our 100 carefully crafted presets were made with the refined slap house sound in mind. Each preset was meticulously crafted by sound designers with a keen ear for detail, giving you the tools to make tracks that ring with life and excitement.

Unparalleled Sound Palette

Explore an ocean of sound with well-curated presets covering a wide range of sounds. Slap House Serum Music Preset will satisfy your need for thumping basslines, alluring synths, and hypnotic melodies. 

Each preset sounds like a work of art and was created to enhance your slap house productions.

Seamless Integration and Versatility

We at Sikk Sounds know how vital a smooth workflow is to you during the creative process. Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 is compatible with the most used digital audio workstations, including Ableton Live, FL Studio, and Logic Pro. 

Because these samples adhere to established industry formats, you’ll be free to unleash your creative potential without worrying about technological limitations.

Unveiling Industry-Standard Production Value

Producing professionally is necessary to make it in the music business. Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 is created from state-of-the-art gear and methods, guaranteeing that your tracks will sound professional. 

Our mission at Sikk Sounds is to help you along your creative path by giving you the resources to make music that moves people.

Full Creative Freedom

With the Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2, you can create music without restrictions on how you can use it, who can hear it, or how much money you can make from it. 

There are no hidden fees or other restrictions for using any of the 100 presets in Vol.2 in your commercial releases. Put the power of imagination and expertise to use in your musical creations.

What Artists Say About Us

  • “Sikk Sounds has completely changed the way I approach music creation. When it comes to thrilling sounds, go no farther than the Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2. The meticulous design of each preset allows me to make slamming house music that gets people moving.” –Jake Martinez, Slap House Producer.
  • “Sikk Sounds Slap House Serum presets are incredible. The soundscape is unparalleled in its range and quality. I’ve been using Vol.2 as my secret weapon to produce tracks that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the slap house genre.” –Oliver Turner, Musician and Producer.


  • How do I download files?

Buy the Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol. 2 to gain access to the files. You will be provided with a link to download the files.

  • What if I am unhappy with my order?

We want you to be satisfied. If you’re unhappy with your Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 order, contact us for assistance and resolution. Your musical journey matters to us.

  • What Software is Required for this file?

Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol. 2 necessitates the Xfer Serum synthesizer. Ensure you have this software to access the altogether presets’ electrifying potential.

  • Can I use these sounds for commercial projects? 

Without a doubt! All 100 presets included in the Slap House Serum Preset Pack Vol.2 are royalty-free, allowing you to use them freely in commercial projects.

  • Can I customize the Slap House Serum presets to fit my unique music style?

Without a doubt! The presets in the pack are designed to be flexible, allowing you to modify them to mirror your artistic vision and musical style seamlessly.

Drag & Drop Royalty Free Samples

Create the music you want with this exclusive slap house serum library. Available only at

This slap house library focuses on its sound quality, versatility, seamless integration, and royalty free nature. We understand the importance of a smooth workflow. That’s why the SikkSounds Slap house Sample Pack seamlessly integrates with your favorite digital audio workstation DAW. Our samples come in industry standard formats, ensuring hassle free compatibility. Whether you use Ableton Live, FL Studio, Logic Pro, or any other popular DAW, integrating our sample pack into your production process is a breeze. SikkSounds empowers you to explore your creative boundaries. With the help of the Slap house sample pack you will have endless possibilities. Industry Standard Production Value. We know that professional grade production is paramount to your success. Our samples and loops are crafted using cutting edge equipment and techniques, ensuring that you achieve the highest level of production quality in your tracks. We believe in supporting your artistic journey without limitations

Your artistic freedom is of utmost importance to us. With the SikkSounds Slap house Sample Pack, you have the freedom to create, monetize, and distribute your music without any worries. All 100 presets are 100% royalty free. This means you can use them in your commercial releases without limitations or additional costs. These samples are perfect for you production needs. Downloaded today to get instant access.

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